ULS International Logistics is an operator with coverage in Europe, through our Partners in order to provide a door-door service throughout the supply chain, both in transmission and distribution and logistics operations for the entire supply chain. This ranges from home anywhere in the world until the final delivery by road in any European destination.

ULS within a sector in constant evolution, is positioned as a partner for these customers looking for solutions tailored to their needs, simple procedures, rational use of resources and efficient service.

Logistics for new challenges

ULS has its main added value in the international experience that its executives from the most prestigious companies, through the years have acquired, and now want to contribute to the customer, with the only difference to give a personalized service, and become one of the companies mentioned in International Logistics Operator market, maintaining a momentum of steady development based on the latest technologies, and its investment effort, with the ultimate goal of meeting both current and future needs of our prestigious customers.